Certified Organic

Among the pioneers of organic certification in the 1990s, the Lien Family Farm has always used organic and ecological farming methods.  Forested windbreaks, waterways, and perennial plantings are an important feature of the land. Soil rich with organic matter and indicators such as nettles and comfrey attest to the biodiversity and health of the farm.

Seed to Spoon continues the commitment to ecological production, and became certified organic with  EcoCert Canada in 2016. Our regular soil tests indicate high levels of fertility and organic matter. Following the Canadian organic regulations, we use certified organic inputs such as finished compost, kelp, bone meal, and shrimp meal. We encourage  exceptional plant health to reduce pest and weed problems with our crops, techniques include crop rotation, row cover, and hand cultivation.  We only use untreated seeds, which includes saving our own seed, sourcing organic seed where possible, and supporting equitable and local seed companies.  

 To learn more about Certified Organic Production, visit Thinkcanadaorganic.ca