Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is unique business model that directly connects farmers and consumers, who share the risk and reward of the growing season.

Our CSA program for 2021 is full – please email us about next year!

More about our CSA:

Consumers pledge their support for the farm by signing up in advance for a seasons worth of produce. For the farmer, it guarantees the produce has a home and that there is “seed” money in the spring. For the consumer, the return is fresh seasonal produce each week and a connection to a local farm with recipes and news from the field.

Since starting in 2009, Seed to Spoon has primarily been a CSA farm, with more awesome years than bad. While it does not guarantee the exact mix selection of produce, adventurous eaters will be thrilled with the quality and variety!

We typically harvest for 16 weeks, starting in mid-late June. In springtime there are lots of leafy greens, herbs, rhubarb, and potatoes from the cellar. By July the harvest bulks up with additional items like peas, carrots, turnips, broccoli. Through August and September we also have tomatoes, beans, garlic, and hefty root crops.

Visit one year of our mailing list archive  for a better idea of the selection and content (like favorite recipes!) we provide.