Saving our own seeds is a way to grow our on-farm resilience and embrace the whole life cycle of the plant. Varieties are adapted to our conditions, organic techniques, plus it’s great for pollinators!

Seed to Spoon also supports several projects to improve local seed, click to find out more

Seed sales are closed for the time being – Please email if you are interested in older stock of these varieties:

Vegetables and Grains

Quinoa – Brightest Brilliant

Stately multi-hued seed heads atop 4-7 foot tall plants. Space widely or thin for large plants.

Direct sow early spring in full sun – this is a long season grain crop (100 days) or enjoy tender young leaves fresh or steamed



Herbs and Flowers

Dill – Bouquet

Dill-lightful and dill-icious – this variety has tender young fronds and excellent mature seed heads for pickles. Prefers to be directly seeded into final location. 3-4″ tall at maturity.




Poppy – Ziar Breadseed

Beautiful pink to lavender single petals with dark centres on majestic 3 foot tall stems.

Save your own seed for baking, the pods stay closed for easy harvest!



Sorrel – Red Veined

Showy green leaves with dark red stems and veins make this a unique gourmet green. Young leaves add a tangy flavour to salad and fish dishes.

A hardy perennial once established


Sweet William – Heirloom Mix

Colours range through white, pink, red, and two-toned, with a sweet scent. Planted from seed, will bloom in the second year – a great staple for garden borders and cut flowers.




Tobacco – Hopi Ceremonial

Tender annual plant, with soft sticky leaves and yellow-white flowers that open in the evening.  Used in ritual and ceremony.




Community Projects for Local Seed

St. John’s Seed Library

In partnership with the NL Public Library, farmer Sarah helped found the St. John’s Seed Library at the A.C. Hunter Library. Members can withdraw seeds, find materials to support them in saving seeds in their home garden, and meet other “seedy” folks through public workshops and activities.

For the latest updates, follow the St. John’s Seed Library on facebook !


Sarah is a member of the Board of Directors for SeedChange. We support their work locally and internationally to build food sovereignty by working with partners to enhance biodiversity, promote ecological food systems, and counter inequity.  Learn more at

Farmer-to-farmer Mentorship & Seed Grow-out

A  major player of our local seed-security movement is the Bauta Family Initiative on Canadian Seed Security, supported in Atlantic Canada through ACORN.  At Seed to Spoon, we have participated in a farm-to-farmer mentorship program and contributed seeds to the Dalhousie University Seed Bank. The seed bank aims to  make unique, reliable, and climate resilient varieties available in the quantity and quality necessary for farmers in Atlantic Canada. From our fields, the Seed Bank includes Moravsky Div tomatoes and a grow out of Vantage tomato seed, much beloved by NL gardeners. 

We hope to continue “scaling up” our production of seeds and sharing the richness with home gardeners and farmers.